Russia and Europe

I spent a couple of hours in Stratford Upon Avon, also known as Shakespere’s birthplace.peckham_tales
In the Peckham section of London, England.dover-cliffs
I left France via boat and was approaching England and the Dover cliffs.lion-luzern
Everyone was captivated by this lion sculpture in Luzern, Switzerland.poland-krakow-oldtownsquare
Overview of Old Town Square in Krakow, Poland.latin-quarters-paris
I hung out at the Latin Quarters in Paris, France.hard-rock-berlin
I tried to visit Hard Rock Cafe’s in every city. Unfortunately, the food at the Berlin Hard Rock was not appetizing.heros-square-budapest
I walked around Hero’s Square in Budapest, Hungary. I remember Michael Jackson shot a video in this same area.lichtenstein-wurtemburg
Castle in the small principality of Lichtenstein. I wish I would’ve spent more time here.stpeter
More beautiful architecture in St. Petersburg.praterparkaustria
View of Prater Park in Vienna, Austria. I walked up to the castle as well.downtown-prague
Even though Prague, Czech republic is an old European city, it has very modern
The first McDonald’s in Moscow. I ate there. The food tastes different than Mc Donald’s stateside.kremlinredsquare
I went to the Kremlin, Red Square, and Lenin’s tomb. The architecture is ingenious. moscow
Mockba sign aka Moscow.


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